Mapon Integrations

Mapon offers a wide range of integrations to send and receive fleet data from external systems. We have implemented numerous integrations with leading IT systems in the transport and logistics industry. We also provide integrations with other companies and our partners’ systems, including special integrations with accounting and warehouse systems.



Tachogram is a complete solution for managing your digital tachograph compliance. It also uses digital tachograph data for your company’s operations, like salary calculation, travel allowance calculation, and your vehicles’ maintenance tasks and digital tachograph. Mapon’s remote digital tachograph data download solution is integrated with Tachogram. Data is sent for analysis to Tachogram’s system immediately after downloading.



TimoCom is one of the largest carriers and truckload marketplaces. Mapon has developed an integration that allows you to send your vehicle position data to the TimoCom system. As a result, you can easily search and find optimal loads and routes in the TimoCom system and maximise your fleet’s efficiency.

LKW Walter


LKW Walter is a European transport organisation, and a carrier and truckload marketplace where you can offer your freight services or look for relevant services in your preferred routes. Mapon has developed an integration that allows you to send your vehicle’s position data to the LKW Walter system.

GateHouse Logistics ghTrack


GateHouse’s ghTrack provides transparency and visibility for all of your assets and deliveries throughout your entire supply chain. Some of the world’s leading transport companies use GateHouse Logistics, as do retail/wholesale companies and manufacturers.



Upon request, you can get access to Mapon’s integration with Fleetboard web services, which give you data about your drivers. See who has driven in a specific time interval and receive data about work and rest regimes from their tachograph.



Mapon supports digital tachograph data transfer to external analysis systems. Optac3 is an analysis solution developed by Stoneridge.



Mapon supports digital tachograph data transfer to external analysis systems. IdhaOnline is a popular solution used in Denmark.

DHL FleetFence


Mapon is integrated with DHL’s FleetFence system, which is required for carriers that work with DHL.

Mapon API


Mapon has its own API https://mapon.com/api/, which can be used to receive historical vehicle data as well as real-time vehicle position data. If you need Mapon data in your company's management system, you can easily implement this integration.

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