We are proud to announce that 2017 has been a year of great progress and gains for us.

Through dedication and hard work we have increased the number of our clients, partners and installed devices, as well as opened a new branch in Spain. There’s more:

We have increased the number of solutions we have. Currently, we have developed one of the most advanced driver behaviour analyzers in the market. It was created to help entrepreneurs to follow their employees’ performance and improve it accordingly.

We also created a fleet management solution which allows users to keep track of upcoming service dates, as well as keep track of repair costs and expiring documents and licenses.

Last, but not least: our mobile and Mapon Go apps. The mobile apps let users stay connected with their business while they’re on the go – see what Your drivers are doing, how many stops they have had and whether they have entered or left a specific area, for example.

Mapon Go, in the meantime, is a great solution for communicating with Your drivers and scheduling jobs for them.

The year 2018 promises to be even more productive for us! We will work hard to reach our goal of 100 000 connected tracking devices by 2020.

Below You can see an illustrated infographic about the last Year.