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Reasons to Have a Remote Tachograph Download Software in Your Fleet

Save Time and Resources

Use your time and employee resources more efficiently by automating menial tasks that unnecessarily eat up time.

Make Informed Decisions on Job Allocation

Use integrations with tacho data analysis platforms to gain insight into remaining work times, upcoming rests and infringements, all of which will allow you to plan deliveries more accurately.

Avoid Large Fines

Reduce stress associated with roadside inspections and avoid fines leading up to 30 000 euros.

Store All Tachograph Data In One Place

Keep all your driver and vehicle tachograph card files in a safe place and access them at any time.

Stay On Top of Calibration Dates

Reduce further administrative burdens and optimise business flow with digital reminders of upcoming due dates.

Streamline Accounting Processes

Use easy-to-understand reports that summarise all your tachograph data to streamline calculations for wages, travel allowances and other expenses.

Easily Download Driver and Vehicle Card Data

Automate Tachograph Data Downloads

Get Reminders on Tachograph Calibration Dates

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Tachogram's main dashboard on laptop and mobile phone.

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“It used to take me 2-3 days to download and round up all the tachograph data, now it takes 20 minutes!”

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Streamline Accounting Processes with Reports

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Compatible With All The Latest Tachograph Versions

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Devices With Remote Tachograph Download Support

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Mapon Expert

Teltonika FMB630

Teltonika FMB640

Teltonika FMC640

Teltonika FMM640

Ruptela FM-Tco4 HCV

Ruptela FM Tco3

Queclink GV355CEU

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