Warranty Terms and Conditions

These warranty terms and conditions determine how AS Mapon, reg. No. 40003800531 (“Mapon“, “we”) provides a warranty for Mapon devices and goods sold to customers.

1. What Is a Warranty

1.1. Warranty is a promise, at our discretion, to replace the defective product with a proper one, to remedy the non-conformity or to take other action without charge if the product is not as described in the contract or advertisement and no warranty limitations (such as warranty period or other limitations) have arisen. If it is found that the warranty repair is not possible, the product shall be replaced with a new one.

1.2. In case of warranty, the customer must contact AS Mapon, Ojara Vaciesa 6B, Riga, LV-1004, Latvia, e-mail address: info@mapon.com.

2. Scope of Warranty

2.1. Mapon shall provide a product warranty if the failure or damage to the product is due to a defect in the manufacture or raw materials of the product, or if the product fails due to faulty installation by us.

2.2. Mapon shall fulfil its warranty obligations in the cases provided for in these warranty terms and conditions (provided that the goods are located in the territory of the Republic of Latvia).

2.3. Replaced goods or parts shall become the property of Mapon. If the defective goods or parts are replaced, the warranty period shall not start again but shall continue from the original date.

3. Warranty Period

3.1. The warranty shall start from the date the goods are delivered or handed over to the customer.

3.2. The warranty period shall be 1 (one) year if the customer is a legal entity or if the goods were purchased for a purpose related to the customer’s economic or professional activity. The warranty period shall be 2 (two) years if the customer is a consumer (a natural person who has purchased the product for a purpose other than their economic or professional activity).

3.3. Certain goods or parts may be subject to limitations set by their manufacturers and shorter warranty periods, as such goods and parts (e.g. batteries, accumulators) are subject to wear and tear and their lifetime is affected by external factors (e.g. humidity, temperature, intensity of use).

4. Warranty Limitations

The warranty shall not apply in the following cases:

4.1. the serial number or seal is found to be defective;

4.2. the product is mechanically damaged;

4.3. any person (other than Mapon or its authorised agents) has attempted to repair a defect, alter the structure of the product or arbitrarily change parts of the product;

4.4. the damage has been caused by a natural disaster (flood, storm, lightning strike, fire, earthquake, etc.);

4.5. the damage has been caused by foreign bodies, liquids, insects, or rodents;

4.6. the damage has been caused by supply voltage, telecommunications not complying with the required standards, rapid temperature fluctuations, or other domestic or external factors (soot, smoke, dust, humidity);

4.7. if the product is not used with the Mapon system, but with any other third-party system instead;

4.8. if the product is not working due to action or inaction of mobile operators, and if the mobile operator fails to ensure partial or full provision of services.