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Detailed optimisation

An algorithm that plans routes based on the vehicle and cargo size, weight, load capacity and more!

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Reliable navigation

Real-time traffic updates, delivery estimates and other valuable information.

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Personalised settings

Calculations that avoid toll roads, unpaved roads, ferries and highways.

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Optimising multiple delivery points and vehicles based on load capacity, total distance or time.

Official Sygic Truck Navigation Reseller

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Save Time by Sending Routes to Drivers

Drivers can instantly load the best route in their preferred navigation app after receiving the data in the Mapon GO app. Otherwise, a lot of their time would be spent manually inputting the destination.
Ensure quick information exchange by adding comments and attachments to the route.
Get timely progress updates to let clients know when to expect delivery.
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Speed Up Order Fulfilment With Lists

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Simplify Fleet Route Planning With an API Integration

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JYSK on Using Mapon Route Planning

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Choose the Best Plan for Your Business

Limited options and features. Best for companies with light vehicles that need simple fleet route planning on rare occasions.
A great pick for busy fleets that operate mostly with light cargo vehicles and are looking for a smart route planner for deliveries.
Suitable for large companies who have complex logistics route planning processes for light cargo and freight vehicles that need to take multiple parameters into account.
Fleet route planning features
Discover the features of Mapon fleet routing software and choose the best plan for your business!
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2 per vehicle Unlimited Unlimited
Excl. toll costs Incl. toll costs
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Practical Demonstration of Truck Route Planning

Main Fleet Route Planning Use Cases

Simple Route Planning With Multiple Stops

Complex Route Planning With Multiple Pick-ups and Deliveries

Next Level Planning for Multiple Visits, Pick-ups and Deliveries

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