Mapon works together with Latvian Women's Day Rally 2017

For the second year in a row  Mapon collaborated  with the Women's Day Rally's organizing team and provided GPS tracking solutions for over 700 teams. To achieve it, Mapon used the Mapon Mobile Tracker application and the Mapon system.


Women's Day Rally cooperated with Mapon to ensure safety throughout the competition and to follow drivers' overspeeding events, as well as to help lost teams to find their way back to the correct track.


Major Milestone for Mapon Expert; System and API Updates

Last week we celebrated an important milestone for our Mapon Expert devices.

Through continuous hard work, we raised the amount of Mapon Expert devices online, and exceeded the amount of previous generation G-box devices we have online. Our engineers and client manager team have worked hard to bring the latest technology and solutions to our clients.

In addition, we kept on improving our PRO and LITE systems, as well as the PRO system API.


Mapon News - API for CRM, updates for Pro system and Mapon GO


During last two weeks we implemented various updates in our system and upcoming products, which we wanted to share with public. 

One of the main products we are currently working on is Mapon GO - smart and functional way to manage your fleet, drivers and jobs in real time, with focus on convenient task management and communication between managers and drivers. We have now implemented group messaging support and additional updates for driver identification and messaging system.


Refrigerator telematics solutions

Carrier and Thermo King are the world’s leaders in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. These companies provide a number of heating and air conditioning tools for the transportation industry.


How and why to download digital tachograph data remotely?


What is digital tachograph data remote download?

Digital tachograph data remote downloading is the process of accessing your tachograph files over the air, without the need of downloading the data from driver cards or the tachograph itself manually each time it is needed.


Track your mobile devices with Positrack from Mapon


We have recently launched a new mobile app that lets you use your Android or iOS based smartphone as a mobile tracker. The Positrack app for mobile device tracking is available here for Android and Apple iOS, and can be downloaded for free.


5 tips to help you choose the right White Label tracking system

GPS tracking and fleet management solutions are growing in popularity each year. There are various platforms that offer White Label solutions, so what are the factors that you should take into account when evaluating the possibilities?


8 tips to help you avoid traffic jams

Original photo: flickr, Brian Jeffery Beggerly
The summer is quickly approaching and the last thing you want to do is spend it in traffic jams so here's a list of tips that should help you avoid them.


Where and when are people driving faster? Comparison of countries, seasons and climate.

Have you ever wondered which are the countries with the fastest traffic movement? Wonder no more, because this week Mapon committed to answer this question. The dataset Mapon analysed consisted of more than 100 million routes driven in a time period of 4 years.

The geo chart above summarizes some of the obtained country level results.


20 amazing facts about traffic and traffic jams

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We have compiled a list of interesting facts and statistics about traffic and traffic jams from various sources. Even though it's something we are all familiar with - there's a lot you don't know…


The ultimate list of fuel saving tips

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We have compiled an extensive list of proven fuel saving practices that actually work. Help yourself and the planet by following these 15 tips:


You can't hide from technology - so why not benefit from it?

Original photo: flickr, Axion23

In our previous blog post we looked at 5 common myths about fleet management systems, and one of those myths was that small fleets don't need management systems. One point in particular that we discussed was that cell phones are efficient enough to manage a fleet. Today we'll look at some more detailed research and arguments that show why that might not be true (at least not anymore).


5 common myths about fleet management systems

Original photo: flickr, Horia Varlan

In our daily communication with clients we have encountered various myths about GPS tracking and fleet management solutions. Despite the fact that fleet management systems are on the rise and have already proven their operational benefits, there are still many misconceptions that distort the market. In this post we'll go through 5 of the most popular mistruths and tackle them.


4 numbers that will change the way you think about the fleet management market

There is power in data, and data shows that the fleet management market is the right place to start, expand or develop your business.


3 reasons to launch your business in the field of GPS tracking

Foto: flickr, James Brooks

In previous blog posts we have talked about what white label business means and how to start your own GPS tracking business using a white label solution. In this post we’ll look at the 3 main reasons that could and should encourage you to be a part of the GPS tracking industry.


A practical guide to starting your GPS software company

In a classical sense, the idea of starting a business seems daunting. But the benefits - endless! Here's a setup where you start your business and sell prefabricated software. For minimal effort and for virtually no risk, you can quickly start selling, and thus, profiting, from your business!


How to start your white label GPS tracking company

What is a white label business & why do I want it?

A white label solution is when a company offers you a ready product, and you're allowed to sell it under your own name, with your own branding.