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Supported Devices

Our platform is compatible with many tracking devices from the world's leading manufacturers and we're constantly adding support for new devices. If you can't find devices you're using in this list, feel free to contact us and discuss the integration options

TELTONIKA 66 Devices

QUECLINK 62 Devices

Ruptela 49 Devices

Concox 23 Devices

Suntech 22 Devices

Xirgo Global / BCE 15 Devices

TopFly 15 Devices

ATrack 14 Devices

Meitrack 13 Devices

Level 9 Devices

Micron 6 Devices

Digital Matter 6 Devices

iStartek 5 Devices

Xirgo Technologies 5 Devices

Howen 4 Devices

Defenstar 4 Devices

Cellocator 3 Devices

NavTelecom 3 Devices

Streamax 3 Devices

Digital Systems 3 Devices

ThinkRace 2 Devices

Coban 2 Devices

Other 21 Devices