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Instant Access to All Data

See all the key performance indicators of your individual vehicles, vehicle groups or the whole fleet instantly

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Customise With Ease

Drag and drop the information blocks, freely add as many blocks with different settings as you want and more

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See the Big Picture

Visual content and graphs to help you track your fleet performance and understand it better

All You Need In 5 Simple Blocks

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Fleet Efficiency

See the most and the least efficient vehicles and vehicle groups, and spot the ones with the longest periods without use.

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Driver Behaviour

View the average driving performance score for selected vehicles and vehicle groups, as well as the top of your most and least efficient drivers and vehicles.

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A total of 10 different modules to keep track of everything from average fuel consumption and refuelled amount to the drainages and the highest and lowest consumption among your fleet.

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Working Time

Check which of your drivers are the first and last ones to end their work, see who's driving outside of the working hours and more.

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Follow the longest and shortest distances among your fleet vehicles and see the total mileage of your whole fleet

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