Reduce costs

Online following, warnings, reporting, route and fuel control provided by Mapon allows our clients to reduce the costs required for fleet operation by up to 30%!
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Control fuel consumption

By installing Mapon fuel control on trucks or special vehicles, you can remotely check average fuel consumption by identifying unloading stops or compare fuelling data.
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Increase work efficiency

Route and time control, automatically generated reports and other features helps companies to increase the efficiency of fleet operation.
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Online following

Fuel control



Communication with Garmin

Safety button

Connecting to CAN

Vehicle engine blocking

Temperature monitoring

Use when and where needed:

  • WEB application
  • Mapon iPhone application
  • Android application
  • Mobile version


We chose Mapon, because this company was able to offer the best solutions to meet our needs, as well as the option to customize features specifically for our company.


King Coffee Service Latvia

Mapon team has created an excellent solution for vehicle fleet management. It is easy to keep track of car movement, fuel consumption and work efficiency. The software is user friendly and easy to navigate, that encourages us to use it more frequently in everyday tasks.

Mapon is used by more than 1400 companies