We have recently launched a new mobile app that lets you use your Android or iOS-based smartphone as a mobile tracker. The Positrack app for mobile device tracking is available here for Android and Apple iOS and can be downloaded for free.

So how can you use this application?

Firstly you need access to the Mapon tracking system. Each mobile device can be easily added to the software – when a user has access to Mapon tracking platform, he simply needs to log in the Positrack app, and the device will be automatically linked to the client profile. For Android handsets, the Positrack can be used in 2 different modes: allowing user control or restricting it. By default user control is allowed; once the device has been added to the software, the admin user has the option to restrict control and remove the “Start/Stop” button from the app’s interface. The application doesn’t even have to be opened to start tracking remotely.

Who can benefit from this solution?

This is a great solution for parents interested in seeing their kid’s location. Positrack is a very effective tool that can help parents feel safe about their children. And as you can start/stop tracking the phone remotely, you won’t drain the device’s battery.

Additionally, Positrack can be used to track the location of workers, this eliminates the need to purchase additional GPS tracking units. Although the functionality is not the same as for professional tracking equipment Positrack is perfect for a simple and low-cost solution.

Get in touch with us to find out more about Positrack, and how you can use it in your business!