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Based on the information you have entered and our savings calculator algorithm developed using various academic research articles and case studies; we estimate the following saving results:

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By using our solutions, we estimate that you will gain the following savings through following positions

Fuel savings
From 10% up to 22% fuel reduction due to fuel control.

Businesses can keep track of their fuel spending and motivate their drivers to do so as well. For example, this can be done with a bonus system for drivers who drive economically and don’t go beyond the set spending limit. Their driving will be more cost-effective, which can even lead to an overall fuel reduction of 22%.

Based on Institute of Transportation Studies research

per month per vehicle
4% to 7% fuel reduction due to real time speed control.

Better routes, better planning – see where your drivers are on the real-time map, their length of stopping, and speed. Speed control is especially important – if a driver exceeds a set limit, he'll receive a warning. This will reduce fuel consumption and also make the streets safer. Statistically, this tends to lead to fuel savings of 4 to 7% and a productivity (jobs completed daily) increase of 7%.

Based on CE Delft research

per month per vehicle
Driving behaviour and Eco driving.

Whether you driver is speeding, cornering or braking too harshly – you’ll see it all. Have your drivers ranked, according to the effectiveness of their driving – how economical and aggressive is their performance. Those that are lacking can be subsequently trained and controlled to improve. Improved driving behaviour can reduce fuel costs by 10% up to 20%.

Based on CE Delft research

per month per vehicle
Savings from increased efficiency
From 3% up to 7% increase in efficiency due to real time GPS tracking, and real time data about fleet vehicles and drivers.

Better routes, better planning – see where your drivers are on the real-time map, their current route and speed, as well as route and stops history. Additional information about drivers, their driving and rest periods will also greatly assist in planning process and increase the overall productivity (jobs completed daily) by as much as 7%. More jobs completed with same assets means lower costs for the business.

Based on CE Delft research

per month per vehicle
Save up to 3 hours per employee each month with remote tachograph download.

Data from the Tachograph can be remotely downloaded and sent to system and managers for analysis. Your drivers will save 1-3 hours per month for data download purposes. This together with analysis and tachograph predictions will let your drivers complete more tasks and improve planning efficiency.

Based on Tachographs & drivers’ hours research

driver hours saved by remote downloads per year

per month per vehicle
Reduced CO2 emissions
CO2 reduction imposed by Eco driving.

More effective and greener driving also leads to decreased amount of CO2 emissions. According to Greenpeace, immediate fuel consumption/CO2 can be reduced by up to 20%, with long-term reduction of 5–7%.

Based on CE Delft research

tons CO2 per month per vehicle

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