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About Us

Mapon builds easy-to-use, multi-faceted GPS tracking and fleet management solutions for both larger businesses and private use.

Mapon develops and installs the most user-friendly, yet advanced GPS tracking and fleet management software and hardware in the market.

It all started in 2006 with the goal to help other companies track their fleet and decrease operational costs. Since then, Mapon has grown into an innovative, hands-on and always expanding company.

Who’s behind Mapon

We are a team of more than 40 people. Friendly and ambitious. Team players who love a challenging, yet goal-oriented business environment.

Loud words?

Yes. But we are shamelessly proud of what we build and backed by the trust of our clients and partners.

By experiencing our solutions you will be seen as an integral part of the Mapon collective/family.

Who’s behind Mapon

Headquarters in Riga, Latvia

We are one of many successful international IT companies that make up the Draugiem Group. What makes us truly unique, though, is our close-knitted approach. Everyone in the group shares professional experience and knowledge with one another, because 200 heads do think better than one.

What do 200 heads think about?

Creating more ingenious products and ahead-of-the-curve solutions, of course.

Krasta iela 44, Riga, LV-1003, Latvia
Headquarters in Riga, Latvia
Head Office

Barcelona Branch

Always expanding, Mapon now has a growing branch in Barcelona, Spain, so now we can be even closer to our clients in Europe.

The Gallery Building, Moll De La Barceloneta 1, 08003, Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona Branch
Barcelona Branch

International Reach

Not content with just conquering Europe, we also have a partner network covering more than 20 countries all around the globe.

What we have built


A powerful, yet accessible fleet management platform that is being constantly made even better!

But actions speak louder than words. Our solutions are currently used by thousands of clients around the world.

Over 10 000 Professional Clients

Circle K

Still want more?

How about this:
Our system is compatible with most reliable and popular tracking devices in the market. However, our own tracking devices – Mapon Expert and Mapon Mini – offer you the widest and most demanded set of features.

As mentioned, our clients and partners are seen as part of the Mapon team.
So we don’t just sell the product to you. We are constantly working hard to develop and maintain the system FOR you.

Our work ethic is professional.
But our approach is personal.



Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built by great people.
And so was Mapon.

A large, educated and experienced team is what empowers us not only to follow, but also to set latest trends. But trends come and go.

We offer something longer lasting. We offer solutions.

Career at Mapon

We are always in the look-out for new talent. It could just be you. Or someone you know.

Do you have the drive?
Education and experience in any of the mentioned vacancies?
The desire to grow and learn constantly?
The problem-solver gene?
And bucket-loads of enthusiasm?

Well, then. Why haven’t you applied yet?

In return, you might just become part of a collective that helps you learn more, grow more, and, finally, achieve more.

Oh, and did we mention?

You also get free lunch, health insurance and regular educational courses and conferences, amongst other benefits.

Yes. It is pretty swell here.

Career at Mapon

There are no current openings

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