On September 22 Mapon team participated in the first day of the Telematics CEEurope 2020 conference virtual event where our Co-CEO Ingus Rūķis was amongst the interactive session speakers. In our virtual booth, we also conducted Mapon platform demonstrations and held a lively discussion about the telematics industry trends with booth guests. 

Mapon Co-CEO Andris Dzudzilo highlights that this is a new experience for many around the telematics industry, including us. He states: “This was a special event for us because it was our first virtual exhibition experience. It seems that everyone is still figuring out how to behave in this new environment and finding the best ways to present themselves virtually. Overall, I think it was a great way to meet up and chat about the news around the telematics industry at a time when going abroad is challenging or impossible.”

Ingus Rūķis, Mapon Co-CEO, was one of the interactive session speakers. This time he shared his expertise in the digital tachograph field and spoke about the changes Mobility Package introduction brings to it. He notes that although there are many challenges with virtual events, there are also upsides.  

Webinars and other virtual events are the new normal for now. We better get used to it and learn how to take advantage of them.

One benefit is that it’s easier for more employees to take part because the time-consuming travelling factor is completely eliminated.

It also means that connecting different parts of the world has become even easier and to some extent, it levels the playing field for everyone.”

We’re always glad to participate in the Telematics CEEurope conference to share and gain valuable insights into the trends of the telematics industry. It’s great to see that this event has carried on even though a physical conference cannot take place and we hope to see the same faces as well as new ones in the next conference day on December 15 and future events!