Mapon platform includes a wide range of fleet management solutions – from software to telematics devices. Now, we broaden our tracking solution offer by starting a cooperation with the world’s leading service provider for the Internet of Things (IoT) Sigfox that grants secure and sustainable asset tracking.

IoT solutions are widely used across different industries – manufacturing, construction, transport and logistics, as well as delivery and passenger transportation. They ensure a constant, uninterrupted location, temperature, vibration and other data transfer from self-powered tracking devices through Sigfox network to platforms like Mapon.

Tracking vehicles and assets

Mapon Integration Project Manager Miks Garjāns explains that the IoT market is growing rapidly along with the clients’ demand for such solutions. “We see that businesses are already looking for ways to keep track not only of their vehicle fleets, but also portable equipment and other assets.

IoT solutions are cost-effective, sustainable and provide extra safety, thus we can expect that in the future they will be widely used for trailer, container, generator and other expensive equipment tracking,”

he says.

Miks Garjāns also shares that Sigfox network is available in more than 70 countries which makes it possible for Mapon to offer IoT solutions to its global clients and partners. As an example, he mentions a client from Switzerland that runs a business of installing and maintaining intelligent refrigerators with fresh and ready-to-eat meals at the workplace and uses Sigfox devices to maintain a constant temperature in their cooling cells where the food is stored.

Data transfer without mobile network and low energy consumption

Using IoT solutions for data transfer has multiple advantages. “Unlike tracking devices that have a constant power supply and send location data via mobile networks,

Sigfox devices don’t need a connection with the base station, therefore messages about events or the sensor status can be sent directly to the system when necessary. It’s useful, for example, in case of vehicle or trailer theft using mobile signal jammers, as data transmission in Sigfox network can help to make timely actions and catch the culprit,”

explains Sigfox Latvija Business Development Manager Armands Dīriņš.  

“Devices that operate in Sigfox and other networks alike are suitable for businesses that need a simple and efficient solution for rare, yet long-term tracking. These devices have a significantly lower energy consumption, thus might prolong the battery life even up to 10 years,” Miks Garjāns tells.

Sigfox network is available in most geographical regions, and the company keeps improving the network availability to ensure even broader coverage across all continents. To find out what IoT solutions would suit your fleet management needs, get in touch with any of our Client Project Managers or apply for a free online consultation here.