In a classical sense, the idea of starting a business seems daunting. But the benefits – endless! Here’s a setup where you start your business and sell prefabricated software. For minimal effort and for virtually no risk, you can quickly start selling, and thus, profiting, from your business!

The idea is simple – you find clients who are looking to install GPS systems in their company car fleets, and we provide the GPS software that will track it, as well as the GPS tracking devices (though you can also use your own, local devices as well).

With Mapon, making money is as simple as a mathematical equation:

For example, for every vehicle that you outfit with our GPS hardware, you get at least $11 every month, depending on your market. Therefore, if you sell tracking for 1000 cars, you receive $11 000 every month or $132 000 yearly, take into account what you earn from selling the hardware (if you do that as well) and you will be looking at some pretty nice numbers. In addition to that it is noteworthy to mention that your business will be profitable even with 100 equipped vehicles.

If you’re looking for a simple way to make some money and are willing to do some sales, this could be ideal for you.

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Things you need to start your GPS business

When getting started, you should know what you’ll need in the long run. You don’t necessarily need it all at the very beginning, but here are the components of selling GPS software:

– you’ll need a company. Either your own micro business, or use an established busniess’ name

– you need to sell. Your success hinges on the sales you generate. You don’t need to be a superstar sales person, you simply need to find the right company that could benefit from this solution. We’ll get into the industries that you can approach a little later.

– people to set up the GPS devices. This is usually quite technical work. You’ll need automotive electrician who’ll be able to set this up. This is usually outsources work.

– you need to get to know the software/system. To be able to sell the software, you should get to know it. Not only will you learn about the benefits (which will make it easier to sell!), but you’ll also be able to manage your clients from this system.

Approach your local companies with branded cars – they’ll want GPS tracking!

Finding your potential clients in your surroundings is easy. You know the companies in your area better than anybody else. Think about the different services that are available – is it food delivery to the elderly? Is it maintenance/gardening/cleaning services that have their own vehicles around town? Get in touch with the management, and find out if they’re interested in tracking their vehicles.

If you have no idea where to begin, start by taking a look at the branded vehicles driving around town, because they obviously have a car fleet.

Approaching these smaller companies is a great place to start, because chances are all they’ll need is the GPS tracking software, whereas larger logistics companies may need more features (like fuel sensors, etc.). This is certainly very doable, however it would be a longer sales process.

If you think this is something you’d like to try, definitely send us over an email, we’ll get you set to start selling Mapon GPS software! Get in touch at