4 numbers that will change the way you think about the fleet management market written on the ground

There is power in data, and data shows that the fleet management market is the right place to start, expand or develop your business.

12.6% – percentage of commercial vehicles equipped with telematics devices

Only 12.6% of commercial vehicles in the USA and Canada are equipped with fleet management devices. This proportion is even smaller in less developed countries which reveals a huge potential for local businesses willing to supply telematics solutions to the companies in need. The following numbers will demonstrate why companies with car fleets would be interested in such services.

$2.2 billion – total fuel cost savings attributed to usage of fleet management services

Fuel prices have risen steeply during the last 15 years and it is expected that they will continue to grow, after all fuel is a non-renewable resource. Companies with car fleets are always searching for ways to cut their fuel costs and GPS fleet management is the most efficient way to do that. GPS tracking combined with fuel monitoring devices can help analyse driven routes and fuel consumption data in order to optimize transportation services.

5 million tons per year – decrease of CO2 emissions related to implementation of fleet management solutions

Every successful entrepreneur knows how important it is to act in a socially conscious way. GPS tracking and other telematics solutions help companies with car fleets to decrease their negative impact on the planet via more efficient fuel consumption and route planning. “Think green” is the slogan of this century and with fleet management solutions – thoughts turn into actions.

$34.9 billion – total savings due to decrease in payroll hours

In scalable terms – annual payroll savings on average per vehicle accumulate $14 692. For a company operating 20 vehicles that means savings of more than $293 000 each year. Not bad if you ask me (or anyone, for that matter). Every car fleet operator should be interested in having a piece of these savings.

Summing it all up – fleet management tools can have a huge effect on companies with car fleets. Not only can they save hundreds of thousands of dollars but also become more ecological and hence comply with the modern standards of green thinking. Demand for GPS tracking and fleet fuel control services is on the rise, don’t miss out on this opportunity and visit our white label page to find out more.