Of all the reasons to get a GPS tracking device, the most important case may be:

To keep your family safer.

There is nothing more important in your life than your family. Any extra measures we can take to ensure their safety are worth it.

I case you were wondering:

Child tracking devices are not meant to invade your kid’s privacy, but to help keep them safe. There is nothing more assuring than knowing that everyone in your family is out of harm’s way. With GPS tracking devices for kids, you will not only be less worried, but you will also have more time to relax.

GPS trackers for kids are growing ever more popular. The GPS market is booming, and there is no better time to be a part of the action than right now! If you had the ability to further protect your family with a simple solution, why wouldn’t you?

There are many reasons as to why you would want to utilize the GPS tracker for your family, but below there is a list of 12 benefits your family can take advantage of with the personal tracking device.

Take a look:

1. Watch your teens driving behavior

The highest chance of an accident you have while driving is when you are younger. With location tracking capabilities you can examine how fast they are driving. This will promote your teen to drive more carefully knowing that you can review their driving speed. With a more cautious teen driver, you can help prevent an accident.

2. If your teen/spouse gets into an accident, you will know the exact location to send emergency vehicles

Thinking about worst-case scenarios is never fun, but by having a plan in case of them, can promote safety and security if anything was to happen. By putting a personal tracking device into your teen or spouse’s car, you will be able to know the exact location to send emergency vehicles if something unfortunate was to happen. Even though this is not an easy topic to think about, in the long run, by having an extra safeguard in place, you will be better off.

3. Tracking device in child’s backpack

Very young children tend to wander a lot. Nevertheless, there is a solution to making sure you know where they are – a small GPS tracker. There is nothing more worrisome than losing your kid. Whether it’s at the mall, the park, or somewhere in the city center, losing your kid is very scary and with a child tracking device, you can lessen your anxiety.

4. Receive alert (SMS/email) when your kid takes an irregular route home

A nice capability of the tracking device is setting up geo-fences to be aware if your kid is taking an irregular route home. Geo-fences are basically online territories that you can create. To read more on geo-fences, click here. The feature that is very convenient to set up allows you to receive alerts by either SMS or email when your kid takes an uncommon route home. For example, if your child leaves the designated geo-fence, then they are either going the wrong way home or not coming home when they are supposed to. You will then receive an alert telling you this, and you can call them or decide what else to do from there.

5. Receive alert (SMS/email) when your kid leaves school territory

As in the aforementioned solution, with the geo-fences, you can have very many different territories. Another idea would be to set up a geofence around the school territory. By doing this, you are made aware of when they are leaving school and heading home. This allows you to plan accordingly without wondering what time they will be home.

6. Tracking device on a dog’s collar

For many of us, our dogs are like our family. It is very tough to find where your dog is when it runs away. A simple solution for that would be to put a pet tracking device on their collar. In addition to having the GPS device on your pet’s collar, you could also set up a geofence alert so that if your dog leaves your yard, you’d receive an alert telling you that, allowing you to act quickly.

It gets better:

7. Follow family members on cross-country trips/adventures/races

When a family member decides to go on a cross-country trip or adventure, it could be very crucial to know where they are. People sometimes get lost or hurt while hiking in the wilderness. With the help of a GPS tracker, you could find them faster and ensure that their trip is safer and more enjoyable.

8. Keep track of elderly family members

Many elderly people want to be self-sufficient. Unfortunately, the older we get, the more apt we are to get hurt or lost. This is especially true if an elder has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. According to alz.org, 1 in 10 people over the age of 65 have Alzheimer’s disease. This means that many elderly people may forget where they are or what they are doing. With GPS trackers, you can make sure you know where they are in case of an emergency. This will help keep your loved ones safe while allowing them to continue being independent.

9. Know when your teen makes it to school, practice etc. in the winter

The winter is a dangerous time for driving, especially for beginner drivers, such as teens. As a parent, you may worry a lot when they leave to get places in the winter. Many times, you ask them to always update you on whether they got to where they were going. With GPS, you won’t have to nag them all the time by calling or texting. You can just check the GPS and verify that they made it to their destination.

10. Help with a stolen car

You may not think that your car will get stolen, or if car theft is even that prevalent…but according to the Insurance Information Institute:

707,758 motor vehicles were reported stolen in the United States in 2015, up 3.1 percent from 2014, according to the FBI.” Which comes out to, “A motor vehicle was stolen in the United States every 45 seconds in 2015.”

These numbers are quite outstanding. To help reduce your chances of getting your car stolen – look into getting a GPS car tracker. The tracking device can help you recover your stolen vehicle.

11. Geo-fence reminders

The geo-fence solution is not only good for alerting you when you can’t find something or someone, but it is also good for reminders. For instance, if you have a favorite store that you don’t go to often, you could set up a geofence around it. The result of this would be if your teen or spouse is driving by that store and pass through the designated area, you could have a reminder set-up telling them to, “Call mom and ask if she needs anything.” You can utilize GPS tracking in abundance of ways.

12. Time management assistance

You never have to wonder what time your spouse is coming home from work again. With GPS, you can just check where they are and plan respectively. This can help with time management allowing you to make the most of your day.

As stated before, there are thousands of ways you can take advantage of GPS. Family safety is at the very top of that list. It is always worth keeping the ones we care and love safe.

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