It might seem so simple: deciding who in your business can use a vehicle and who can’t. However, when schedules clash and overlap, and seemingly all the cars are taken at once or one specific vehicle gets used more than the others, it suddenly stops being so simple.

For this reason, Mapon has developed the Vehicle Booking solution for our system.

It is extremely easy to use, yet very beneficial for a business, beyond its seemingly basic purpose. So what are the benefits of Vehicle Booking?

  1. Save time and effort by seeing which vehicles are taken when and for how long.
  2. Vehicles will be recommended according to their mileage. Thus, you will not have to worry about a vehicle being driven excessively.
  3. You can set mileages for specific vehicles for specific periods of time. This will help determine whether a vehicle fleet needs to be made bigger or, in turn, diminished. This is also very helpful for car rental services, for example.

The last point is worth going into more detail:

Owning a fleet, it can be a challenge to always be aware of how much your vehicles are being used and even if all of them are exactly necessary. By setting a specific mileage, you can answer both questions. Green corresponds to mileage driven, red to the amount that’s gone over the set limit.

If a lot of vehicles tend to be used over the set mileage in the time period, it can be a sign that the fleet needs to be expanded. However, in case of the opposite – if none or hardly any get used to the point of mileage – it’s often a clear sign that there is an unnecessary amount of vehicles. You can save a lot of money on maintenance costs, gas and so on by reducing their number. According to fleetfinancials, reducing the number of vehicles in any given fleet is the most proven way to reduce overall costs – from hundreds to thousands of euros per vehicle per year.

Vehicle Booking proves that sometimes all it takes is a simple fix

To a complicated issue.