In 2017 we set a very ambitious goal for us at the time – to connect 100 000 telematics devices on the Mapon platform by the end of 2020. Back then, Mapon was still mostly a local company with around 40 thousand connected devices since 2006. 

So naturally, when Co-CEO’s Ingus Rūķis and Andris Dzudzilo shared this objective with the team in an all-hands meeting, there were plenty of doubtful smiles and some laughter in the room. However, the mood changed quickly and since setting this target we’ve been able to grow at around 30% rate annually.

What’s more, alongside headquarters in Riga, Latvia we’ve established branches in Spain, Finland and Estonia and formed partnerships with more than 150 partners around the world to make the platform available in as many countries as possible. 

Looking back Andris Dzudzilo shares why it was important to set the goal at the time:

It was a bit crazy, but we wanted to give the team an ambitious target, share our vision, let it be known that it’s possible if we work together and focus on the most important things first. I think it really united the team and made everyone think about what they can improve to reach the next outlined step and eventually the milestone itself.”

He continues: “It’s also a meaningful milestone because it puts us in the category of big telematics market players. With widespread market consolidation, being able to continue the stable growth offers new potential advantages in future as well.”

It’s only fitting that the one hundred thousandth device was connected by our partner TrackSys AS in Norway, as we see this as a shared accomplishment with the whole Mapon partner network. Thank you to everyone who’s being a part of it and making these ambitions a reality! It truly wouldn’t be possible without you. 

With the lessons learned from the road to one hundred thousand connected telematics devices, we’re ready to set new even more aspiring goals. First on agenda – 180 000 connected devices by the end of 2021!

If you’re interested in joining our growing partner network, feel free to get in touch. You can learn more about the benefits and how it works on the white label partnership page.