We have big news for you! Mapon has updated its switch solution to help you manage your fleet even better. The update is designed to fit the needs of special vehicle and equipment usage management.

The update includes features which allow you to see switch usage more easily on the map either in real time or in historical data when reviewing your routes. It allows you to check the exact location and time when specific switches were turned on and off. Some of the most used examples include following the activity of:

  • Siren lights – reviewing the routes driven with siren on
  • Door opening – locations where the doors were opened
  • Lifting the load compartment – checking where the driver has poured out the load
  • Lowering of road cleaning shovels – reviewing routes which were actually cleaned
  • …and many other mechanical activities.

How does it work?

Switches are simple solution which combines vehicle equipment, tracking devices and Mapon system to create a valuable solution for any business.

To start tracking accessory usage, tracking devices in your vehicle need to be connected with switches or directly with the accessory you are willing to track. Mapon system automatically reads information from the tracking device and instantly displays the information about switch statuses in Mapon system.

To see the activity of vehicle switches, go to Mapon system – choose any vehicle and switch to Routes tab. Select the time interval of interest and choose which switches you want to display in the Map’s navigation tab “Switches”.

Example of checking where the driver has lifted the load compartment:

Example of reviewing routes and analysing which route was driven with the siren on:

The possibilities are endless. You can track any physical activity that can be recorded with the switch (any activity that includes passing through electricity (turning on siren lights), or connection of two objects (such as load compartment and vehicle; opening and closing of doors).

Here’s an example of displaying siren lights activity in real time:

Do you want to start using Switches in your company’s process as well?

Get in touch with any of Mapon managers or your direct contact manager, and together we will give find the best solution that will fit your needs! It is time to benefit from modern technologies and innovative solutions, and stay ahead of your competitors!