Nobody wants to be stuck in traffic, sit idly, and wait to get wherever they have to be. There are a multitude of causes for traffic jams – unfavourable weather conditions, road accidents, poor driving skills, or simply a large volume of vehicles. Though it is an everyday occurrence, one can learn to steer clear of traffic congestion. In this article, we will share 6 tips that will help you avoid traffic jams and make the most of your day.

1. Discover alternative routes with the help of navigation apps

We live in the digital age – use it to your advantage! Navigation apps such as Waze will help you find alternative routes that will take you to your destination quicker and help avoid traffic jams. See some of the most popular navigation apps below:

Waze4.4 ⭐
Karta GPS4.3 ⭐
MapQuest4.2 ⭐
Google Maps4.0 ⭐
TomTom GO Navigation3.5 ⭐
App ratings taken from the Google Play store

2. Use a professional GPS tracking system

Analyse your route history, evaluate all of the options available, and use the most effective ones by installing a GPS tracking system such as Mapon. With this platform, you can also view vehicles your family members use in real time and not bother them with text messages or calls, which can endanger road safety.
This comes even more in handy if you are running a business with multiple vehicles – you always know where each of them is, which employee is using it, and whether any laws were breached during the drive.

A person using a GPS tracking system to help avoid traffic jams.

3. Follow traffic reports

Whether through radio or the internet – it’s smart to follow traffic updates in real time. This comes in handy when an accident, a snowstorm, or something else unexpected happens on the road. If you follow traffic reports, you can alter your route before you get to the blocked area, that way easily avoiding traffic.

4. Try out different modes of transport

A simple yet effective way to avoid traffic jams is to opt for another mode of transport. Walking or cycling is a great choice if you are travelling short distances, plus, your body will get some exercise. For longer journeys, public transportation is always an option and, in most cases, can get you where you need to be. Also, if you forgo your personal vehicle, you will minimise your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world, even in a small way.

People walking and riding bikes to avoid traffic jams.

5. Drive responsibly and pay attention

Keep in mind that aggressive driving can also contribute to traffic congestion. Driving practices such as tailgating, speeding, and lack of signalling can cause road rage and increase the probability of accidents, which leads to traffic jams. So, every driver can help prevent them simply by following traffic laws and contributing to a positive driving culture. Little actions such as diving at the speed limit, moving as soon as the traffic light turns green, and merging early go a long way. Companies with fleets can even measure driver behaviour on the road using fleet management software, that way contributing to road safety.

6. Plan ahead

The simplest way of avoiding traffic jams is to plan your journeys ahead of time. If you know that you will have to be at your destination by 17:00, which implies driving during rush hour, you can get a head start and avoid traffic by simply starting your journey earlier. Then you will have some free time at the destination and no negative emotions from the traffic jam.

We all want to get an answer to the question How to avoid traffic jams? because it can help us save one of the most precious things in life – our time. If you want to discover more ways to save time and other resources using a fleet management platform, contact our team!