Advanced fleet management is not just about collecting fleet data – it’s about optimising your company’s resources and respecting the environment at the same time. Mapon provides plenty of data to help you make smart decisions, whether it’s about fleet utilisation, maintenance, or sustainable driving.

Our client Remeo, a waste management company and circular economy promoter, uses Mapon solutions for data-driven optimisation of operations and the development of eco-friendly driving practices. So let’s sit down with Remeo’s representatives to discuss how advanced fleet management supports their vision of reducing environmental impact and optimising operations.

Real-time fleet data supports fact-based decision making

The Mapon platform acts as the right hand of Remeo’s foremen. In their daily work, foremen Isto and Neea use Mapon to check where company vehicles are in real time and what drivers are doing behind the wheel. The driving behaviour analysis reports provide valuable information for driver training and development discussions with drivers helping Remeo achieve their economic driving goals.

Fleet management makes up half of Remeo’s resource planning, which is why up-to-date fleet data is crucial for making data-driven decisions.

Fact-based decision-making is a key element of doing business. In addition to vehicle location data, Mapon provides a wealth of other important information for the foremen. Mapon is a great tool for resolving feedback and damage reports. Mapon can be used to check vehicle locations, route history, dates, times, and driving speeds, facilitating the resolving process and enabling a rapid response to potential claims.

“For example, if someone has reported to us that a heavy vehicle has hit a parked car at a certain location at a certain time, we can use Mapon reports to disprove the claim, if our vehicles were not moving in that area at the reported time” explains Isto, Foreman at Remeo.

Fleet efficiency and maintenance data in one place

Efficient fleet utilisation is particularly important for companies whose business activities revolve around their vehicle fleet. 

“In general, fleet management is 50% of our resource planning, and people are the other half. At Remeo, the driver and the vehicle always go hand in hand. That’s why it’s really important for us to have the right number of vehicles – so that we avoid underutilising vehicles or constantly being without vehicles”, explains Joonas Savolainen, Development Manager at Remeo. 

The fleet efficiency and usage data from Mapon can be used to draw conclusions about the optimal number of vehicles and can be used for work shift planning to ensure that all units are used as efficiently as possible.

Remeo's green vehicles.

At Remeo, fleet maintenance is an easy process since drivers regularly perform vehicle checks using the Mapon GO application. Based on these inspections, the supervisors book the necessary maintenance for vehicles. Vehicle-specific information on maintenance and inspection dates is always available in the system. In addition to fleet efficiency and maintenance data, Mapon provides mileage data that can be used for carbon footprint calculations.

“Having all the data easily accessible on the same software helps a lot in everyday work.” – Isto, Foreman at Remeo

All in all, the fleet management system is an invaluable tool in the daily work of the waste management company Remeo, providing supervisors and foremen with a comprehensive view of all fleet data in one platform to support better decision-making. 

Towards greener and more economical driving habits

The journey of Remeo and Mapon started in 2018 with the goal of optimising Remeo’s fleet management processes and focusing more on driver behaviour monitoring. 

Driving behaviour monitoring provides accurate information on driver’s habits behind the wheel. The solution includes data on measures such as eco-speed, coasting, idling, harsh acceleration, and braking. In addition, Remeo monitors drivers’ speeding.

“Thanks to our economical driving habits, we have saved the equivalent of the carbon dioxide emissions from heating 200 private homes a year.” – Remeo

Driver behaviour analysis can be used to identify responsible driving and, on the other hand, to address wasteful habits. Then supervisors can educate the drivers on more economical, safe, and sustainable driving practices. Many Remeo drivers take this as a positive challenge! “By collecting data on fuel consumption, vehicle condition, and driving habits, we can look at our activities based on data and results, thus working to reduce carbon emissions,” Remeo writes in their article.

Screenshot from Mapon fleet management platform Driving behaviour section.
Mapon’s driving behaviour analysis provides information on key driving behaviour indicators like eco-speed and coasting in an easy-to-read format.

Remeo’s driving behaviour progress

Remeo’s goal for 2023 was to focus on the development of the coasting parameter of driving style. Coasting happens when a vehicle moves with the gears in neutral. Their aim was to increase the coasting rate to 10%. In practice, this means a 10% reduction in fuel consumption, and a roughly equivalent reduction in emissions. 

In addition to the emission reductions, coasting preserves the car by reducing the amount of hard braking and by not wearing out the tyres as quickly. “In the long run, the increase in coasting will result in less frequent fleet repairs, and this way, we will also save natural resources”, Remeo writes in their article.

One of the greatest and most tangible insights has come from a Remeo driver, who realised that driving more economically doesn’t take up any more of his working time, but makes a huge difference in fuel spending:

“By getting the data and focusing on coasting, the refuelling interval is now three days instead of two while the work still gets done as smoothly,” says the Remeo driver.

Since spring 2022, Remeo’s average coasting rate has increased and the trend is continuing in the right direction. By autumn 2023, the best drivers had achieved coasting rates of up to 30%. That’s an excellent percentage, but significant fuel savings can be achieved already with a coasting rate of 15%.

Graph visualizing Remeo's driving behaviour coasting progress.
Remeo’s unit in Lahti has made exemplary progress in coasting.

Together towards advanced data-driven fleet management

Mapon is constantly working to make the platform as intuitive, modern, and user-friendly as possible. It is rewarding to hear how Remeo foremen Neea and Isto, and Development Manager Joonas agree that the Mapon platform is logical and easy to adopt. Isto and Joonas say that one does not require lengthy training or instruction to start using Mapon: “With just a little familiarisation, you can learn to use the platform very quickly.”

“From the very beginning, the personal chemistry with the people at Mapon has been good and that was one of the reasons, apart from the easy-to-use interface, why we chose to work together with them in the first place. When thinking about new ideas regarding our fleet, I always feel like Mapon is just as excited to move forward with us. We are never told straight away that something is not possible, they always start exploring options and respond to our needs. It’s been really positive,” Joonas explains.

“If someone were to ask me, I would definitely be the first to recommend Mapon.” – Joonas, Development Manager at Remeo

Since the beginning of our cooperation, Remeo has been interested in new ways the Mapon platform can help meet its fleet management goals. They’ve actively tested our solutions, provided feedback, and we’ve always supported their vision to the best of our ability. “It is great to see how our mutual commitment to close cooperation and development has borne fruit,” sums up Antti Korhonen, the Chief Operating Officer of Mapon Finland. 

If you are looking for an innovative fleet management partner for your company, turn to Mapon. We are one of the leading fleet management service providers in Europe with more than 18 years of experience. We have a variety of fleet management solutions such as real-time vehicle tracking, remote digital tachograph download, fuel monitoring, fleet camera systems, and many others – all in one platform.

Feel free to contact us and join us on the journey towards more efficient fleet management, data-driven optimisation, and a more sustainable future!