Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks Is the largest agriculture services provider in the Baltic region with 20 years of experience in the European market. The main business of the company is transporting agricultural produce. It’s made possible by operating a fleet made up of a couple of dozen vehicles.

It’s a priority for the company to provide a high-quality standard for their products and services. That’s why Otanķu Dzirnavnieks is always paying close attention to the industry and technology developments in order to keep modernising and optimising business processes, including vehicle fleet management.

The goal: to improve vehicle fleet management efficiency

The need to optimise vehicle fleet management processes arose around 10 years ago. Back then telephone calls were still in use in order to get in touch with drivers and plan routes. It was a time consuming and complicated process. Also in order for drivers to check their tachograph data, dispatchers and, in cases, other employees had to get involved, which used up company resources. As the fleet grew, this type of process organisation became ineffective. That’s why the company started to search for a solution for day-to-day task management.

“When we decided that the company needs a fleet management solution,

we explored the options available in the market and chose Mapon because of the platform they provide. It seemed convenient and easy-to-understand compared to the alternatives,”

says Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks board member Jānis Lanka, adding that the partnership has continued since 2009.

Solutions for the whole fleet – from light vehicles and trucks to tractors

Currently, Mapon devices are installed on almost all company vehicles – cars, trucks, tractors and vehicles of subsidiaries. Otaņķu Dzirnavnieks uses GPS tracking, fuel control, digital tachograph remote download, driver behaviour analysis, vehicle inspection and other solutions. The gathered data is synchronised with the company’s ERP system, which uses it for business process control.

Improved transportation efficiency and reduced fuel consumption

“Shortly after introducing the tracking solutions,

we saw improvements in transportation quality and efficiency – we could see where our vehicles were in real time and plan the next tasks in advance,”

Jānis Lanka comments on the results.

Another significant improvement is the change in fuel consumption – by starting to use Mapon fuel control solution it dropped by 10%. It’s also more convenient to view all the information about a vehicle such as statuses of mandatory vehicle inspection, licences, insurance, etc. and to use the mobile app, which is useful both for employees out in the field and our clients, who can conveniently see vehicle location and work progress.

“We greatly appreciate that Mapon is constantly upgrading their solutions, listening to our suggestions and implementing them thus helping us to enhance our work and grow our business.”

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