2023 was a busy year for both Mapon and our clients – while you drove more kilometres and visited more countries than ever before, our main focus was on making the internal mechanisms run smoother. We worked on optimising solutions, increasing the efficiency of our teams and discovering areas for improvement. 

Of course, all that happened while continuing to offer a variety of high-quality services to our clients. Check out how the year went and what’s in store for 2024!

Travelling far and wide

It’s no secret that the main feature of fleet management is GPS tracking, which lets you see the locations and routes of all vehicles. It turns out that, in 2023, our clients drove 7.6 billion kilometres. It’s like going to the Moon and back 9995 times!

For our clients, Europe was the most popular area in terms of mileage. Spain was crossed most frequently, at 708.5 million kilometres, followed by Finland (577.5M km) and Germany (513.7M km). However, in total Mapon clients visited 181 countries this year, which includes every continent except Antarctica, of course. Check out the map below!

A dark world map with white lines that represent routes driven by Mapon clients.

International transport companies are responsible for a bulk of the total mileage, and they contributed to another impressive statistic – 4.9 million tachograph files were downloaded remotely. Imagine the time saved by not having to go to each vehicle individually!

In addition to tachograph solutions, the Mapon team is sure that video telematics will also be on an upward trajectory for years to come. We saw it in 2023 as Mapon platform-connected cameras detected as many as 2.4 million events on and off the road, saving footage that can be used for education or as proof. 

No doubt more companies will find the benefits of video telematics attractive in 2024, as the number of cameras connected to the Mapon platform this year increased by 240%.

Mapon statistics regarding cameras connected, video events saved and tachograph driver and vehicle files downloaded.

We’ve established that in 2023 you were hard at work, travelling millions of kilometres, but what was Mapon doing at that time?

Measurable success

A major achievement for the Mapon team came at the end of spring – the 200 000th tracking device was connected to the Mapon platform. The milestone is especially powerful because it took us 15 years to reach the first 100 000 devices and only 2.5 years to double it – talk about progress!

In November, we reached another round number, when the 30 000th client started using our services. This was a team effort, as every branch – Latvia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Denmark – and every partner, 236 in total, contributed their best efforts for the success. 

Mapon statistics regarding installed GPS tracking devices from 2019 to 2023.

Big move in Estonia

Speaking of branches, Mapon Estonia received a big boost in May, when our company acquired the local player CarCops. The combined experience and resources of both businesses will help improve our services even further. 

Mapon Co-CEO Ingus comments:

We have been operating in the Estonian market since 2019, and the acquisition of CarCops significantly strengthens our existing business. I firmly believe that this acquisition will allow us not only to take our business to the next phase of growth, but also to become a leading service provider in Estonia and expand to other Nordic countries.

Mapon Estonia branch manager Kaspar Kais in a Mapon hoodie on a blue background.

Great solutions now even better

Mapon offers a large variety of fleet management solutions, and in 2023, we were working to perfect them. Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Tons of improvements to the fleet camera systems, from event link sharing to technical alerts, shaping it into one of the most complete products in the market;
  • New reports as requested by clients – Driver availability, Trailers, as well as a unique report for custom values;
  • The digital SOS button in the Mapon GO mobile app as a more convenient alternative to a physical button installed in a vehicle;
  • Optimised speeding detection capabilities were introduced in driving behaviour analysis, allowing companies to improve safety and reduce expenses;
  • Solution to add assets without tracking devices to the Mapon platform, and connect them to a BLE device – companies now can manage all fleet data in one place.

With these improvements, we aim to bring extra value to our clients, and we’re looking to make the Mapon solution package even more complete in 2024!

Active as a company and a team

Our team was at its strongest yet in 2023. 189 professionals across more than a dozen teams worked on creating the best experience for clients, whether it’s software, support, engineering or anything in between. 

Mapon client support team was especially eager to help, taking care of no less than 18 306 phone calls and 23 020 emails. No doubt, this was an important factor in reaching a Net Promoter Score of 36.

And we were not shy in public, sharing our knowledge and ideas in:

  • Industry expos: Flotauto, Solutrans, Expo Seguridad, Logistics & Automation, Transport Messe 2023;
Mapon Spain team at Expo Seguridad, next to logos of all expos that were visited by Mapon team in 2023.
  • Latvian road safety discussion The ABC of Safe Traffic and contest for businesses Safest Company Fleet, where we provided valuable insights and data as experienced road traffic analysts;
  • Co-CEO interview with Latvian business media Dienas Bizness – they made our ambitions clear;  
  • Shadow Days for young future professionals who might one day become our teammates.

Additionally, as an IT company, we strive to manage client data safely and securely. The ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certificate serves as proof of our efforts. While Mapon Latvia received the certification in 2021, two branches got the ISO 27001 in 2023Spain and Finland

Source of all things fleet management

In 2023, our team increasingly recognized the need to provide reliable, in-depth information about the industry – how solutions work, how to solve different issues, what successful companies are doing and so on. 

In case you missed it, there is a lot of content that we produced on various topics. Learn about fleet management from the best with client case study blog posts and videos, including heavyweights such as Urbaser Nordic, Ole Larsen and RMC-Transports. We also addressed hot fleet management topics, such as the advantages of fleet cameras, ways to save fuel, how BLE tracking and fuel management systems work, why fleets need alcohol interlocks and much more. 

For those in transportation and logistics, we prepared some especially relevant information:

  • Introduction to remote tachograph data download, which will greatly lighten the administrative workload of fleet managers;
  • Overview of smart tachograph version 2, with deadlines, supported tracking devices and what it all really means;
  • Compilation of the best solutions for the transportation industry in general, from simple GPS tracking to advanced driver behaviour analysis.

In 2024 we aim to bring even more relevant content for different industries, such as construction, delivery and farming businesses, so stay tuned!

Ready for 2024

Our Co-CEO Ingus shares a sneak peek* into Mapon’s 2024 plans and ambitions, read it below.

As usual – one thing is to look at the rear view mirrors, pat on your shoulder for a job well done. Another thing is to plan things ahead and chase new heights in the next year. 

Over the course of the next year we will put focus on our key solutions – digital tachograph tools, fuel management, video telematics. Another priority will be to improve the overall onboarding and usage experience of our products by focusing on data-driven insights rather than just providing telemetry datasets.

*Every year, Ingus uses his vast experience and insight to offer his predictions for the upcoming 12 months – we’ll let you know when the 2024 edition comes.

If you don’t want to miss out on it, make sure you have subscribed to Mapon news. Until then – good luck and see you next year!