With the European Union’s plans to reach zero net emissions of greenhouse gases and climate neutrality by 2050, it is clear that every business has to contribute to the goal. The transport industry carries a large responsibility for this, as it currently accounts for ¼ of the global CO2 emissions.
Green fleet management solutions offer a promising path toward more sustainable operations and enhanced efficiency of your business. In this article, we’ll outline five ways to go green while boosting the overall effectiveness of your company.

1. Manage Fuel Efficiently for Lower Emissions

One of the ways to minimise your fleet’s negative impact on the environment is to track fuel consumption. Mapon’s fuel management system helps to monitor fuel levels, optimise consumption, and reduce operational costs while improving fleet sustainability.

On the platform, you will be able to see how much CO2 emissions each vehicle produces, providing clear benchmarks for further improvement.

A screenshot of the Mapon platform showcasing fuel consumption and CO2 emission data to measure fleet sustainability.
The Mapon platform displaying CO2 emissions for a certain distance travelled.

2. Maximise the Use of Your Existing Assets

To have a more sustainable fleet, it’s important to find the balance between growing your business and having the right amount of assets. You can achieve this by tracking fleet efficiency. The solution provides the necessary insight into the workload of individual vehicles or vehicle groups, taking into account the efficiency, driving and idle time, as well as time spent with the ignition on & off. Based on this data, you can make informed decisions on redistributing the workload and changing the number of vehicles in your fleet to stay sustainable.

A screenshot from the Mapon platform showcasing fleet efficiency metrics such as driving time, idle time, and ignition on & off times.
Fleet efficiency measures on the Mapon platform.

3. Cultivate a Sustainable Driving Culture

Driving culture is one of the fleet sustainability factors that is often overlooked. However, it is essential as excessive idling, harsh braking, acceleration, and especially speeding have a direct effect on fuel consumption. For example, reducing your speed by 8 to 16 km/h can result in 7%–14% savings on fuel, which has a considerable impact on emissions. 

Our driver behaviour monitoring solution provides an assessment of each driver’s performance, allowing you to identify specific aspects to improve in their behaviour. Keep in mind that every small action counts when working towards a sustainable fleet!

A screenshot of the driver behaviour solution from the Mapon platform showcasing aspects of sustainable driving and driving ratings.
The Mapon driver behaviour solution.

4. Introduce Carsharing to Improve Fleet Sustainability

Similarly to fleet efficiency solutions, car sharing also helps to move towards a sustainable fleet by optimising the usage of existing vehicles. With the Mapon Carsharing solution, you will be able to see the location of all vehicles, assess which of them are used too much or too little, and improve resource allocation by adjusting the size of your fleet. On top of that, employees will see which vehicles are available for reservation and book them on the platform, that way streamlining everyday operations.

A person using the Mapon Carsharing solution from a mobile device to check availability and book a vehicle.

5. Use Digital Forms for Green Fleet Management

Due to the digital transformation of business processes and the world at large many companies decide to leave behind paper documentation. Your fleet should be no exception – here is your chance to make your business more sustainable by transitioning to Mapon digital forms! This solution lets you create both custom forms and edit existing form templates to tailor them to your needs. Since the solution is integrated into our Mapon GO mobile app, your employees will be able to fill in and sign forms at any time.

A screenshot of the Mapon digital forms solution displayed on the web platform and a mobile device.
Mapon platform’s digital forms section for web and mobile users.

Remember – going green takes time. But every step you take leads to a more sustainable world. If you want to know more about our solutions and how they can help you move towards green fleet management, contact our team!