Hemmon Kuljetus is a Finnish transport and delivery company established in the early 1980s. It handles various transportation needs – package and freight transportation, moving services, rental of moving boxes, furniture installations, as well as food delivery, which exploded in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The company serves a wide client base, from businesses and public sector organisations to private customers.

We spoke with Ossi Aatola, Transportation Manager at Hemmon Kuljetus, to find out how Mapon fleet management solutions enhance their daily operations!

Enhancing operations with GPS tracking and alerts

All 65 vehicles in Hemmon Kuljetus’ fleet are equipped with Mapon tracking devices. Around half are vans, while the other half are trucks.

Generally, Hemmon Kuljetus utilises the Mapon platform for transportation and logistics management, which includes monitoring vehicle locations, routes, as well as schedules. Historical GPS data from the Mapon platform serves as a foundation for planning new routes. On top of that, each driver uses a driver identification system provided by Mapon, streamlining vehicle access and use.

“In a nutshell, we can easily monitor a large fleet with just a glance,” says Ossi Aatola.

Mapon platform's Map section, with a past route highlighted in blue.
The company uses route history data to plan new routes

Mapon supports Hemmon Kuljetus in providing an exceptional customer experience. An important feature that helps achieve this goal is the Mapon platform’s tracking link sharing. Managers can send a link to the client, which allows them to view the location of a specific vehicle on the live map for a certain timespan. This enhances the customer’s experience – by following transport vehicle progress in real time, clients can, for example, prepare for the arrival of express delivery.

In addition to GPS fleet tracking, Hemmon Kuljetus benefits from vehicle battery alerts provided by Mapon: 

“This feature has saved us in situations when the vehicle’s lights were accidentally left on, preventing the car from starting the next morning. With the help of battery alerts, we’ve been able to respond to low voltage in time and start the vehicles without needing an external power source,” says Ossi Aatola.

Hemmon Kuljetus also plans to implement additional alerts based on the vehicle maintenance solution, such as service reminders.

Advanced solutions: temperature monitoring and remote tachograph download

Some vehicles in the Hemmon Kuljetus fleet are equipped with Bluetooth-enabled temperature monitoring sensors that can be easily attached to the walls of refrigerated compartments. These sensors transmit temperature data to the Mapon fleet management system, where it can be viewed and analysed easily.

The data collected by sensors allows managers to monitor temperatures in real time, ensuring quick response to sudden changes and potentially saving temperature-sensitive cargo from spoilage. Vehicles equipped with refrigeration units and temperature monitoring are essential for transporting online food grocery orders (among other types of cargo), to make sure that perishable products reach their destination fresh and safe for consumption. 

BLE beacons report in the Mapon platform, displaying temperature data for specific periods and devices.
BLE trackers are a simple yet effective way to monitor temperature

In addition to temperature monitoring, the company has also deployed the remote digital tachograph download solution. Their fleet contains heavy trucks, which have to be equipped with tachographs – devices that record drivers’ work and rest time data. This information needs to be downloaded regularly. 

With Mapon’s remote tachograph download solution, the processes related to tachographs can be automated, allowing the time and effort previously spent on manual downloads to be redirected towards core business activities and other more relevant tasks.

Comprehensive fleet management solutions for the transportation industry

Overall, Ossi finds Mapon fleet management features comprehensive and user-friendly. He believes that, as the company continues to use Mapon, it will discover more beneficial features that serve their business needs.

“Mapon is affordable, modern, and sufficiently comprehensive for our needs. Overall, we are very satisfied,” Ossi concludes.

Mapon offers fleet management solutions suitable for many industries, such as long-haul transport, construction, and delivery services. Contact us to learn more about how our team can help solve your company’s business challenges!