By implementing Mapon delivery fleet management solutions for their vehicles, Mailia Ltd. has been able to improve the safety of independent night workers, encourage their employees to drive more safely, and digitise their fleet tracking operations, among other benefits. 

Mailia Ltd. delivers mail, packages, newspapers, as well as food to households and businesses. Mailia has a staff of 200 people and Mapon is tracking over 100 of their vehicles.

In an interview with Janne Sundqvist, the CEO of Mailia, we discussed how Mapon makes fleet management easy and efficient for the company. During his career, Janne has gained experience in fleet digitalisation and various GPS tracking systems, so he knew what to look for when choosing a provider. After working out the details, “the implementation of Mapon in our fleet was really fast and smooth,” says Sundqvist.

All the data a delivery company needs

Mailia needs a fleet management system primarily for up-to-date fleet location data, route history, and reports. They use the data provided by the Mapon platform for invoicing purposes and to monitor fleet costs, such as vehicle maintenance and refuelings, in real time. For example, as all fuel station visits are accounted for, the Mapon platform accurately calculates monthly fleet fuel expenses, allowing managers to plan future costs.

The repair cost solution lets you easily calculate all maintenance expenses

“The Mapon platform is a key element in guiding our operations. Its user interface is simple and scalable, and the service is, above all, client-oriented.” Sundqvist comments.

The Mapon platform is one of Mailia’s daily tools and the company is constantly looking for new ways to utilise it even more. For example, they have created vehicle groups, enabling them to share relevant GPS tracking information with their staff, as well as customers, if necessary. A vehicle group works across multiple Mapon platform sections to display data only related to that particular collection of assets, such as live locations of only the night delivery cars. 

Extra safety in risk zones and at night

Fleet tracking has reduced the potential for speeding or vehicle misuse, as Mailia combines two Mapon solutions to ensure safe driving – geofences and alerts. 

The company adds geofences on the live map where the speed limit is especially important to enforce, such as school zones. Then a speeding alert is connected, which notifies the fleet manager when a vehicle is moving too fast in a specific area. After that it’s a matter of contacting the driver regarding the incident.

A variety of alerts can be connected to geofences, such as ones related to speeding

Additionally, at Mailia, drivers delivering early mail often work alone at night. The Mapon platform helps night shift supervisors to see the live location of drivers’ vehicles and check whether the delivery is going as it should. In combination with automatic alerts, managers are able to react to any incidents or irregularities quickly.

The CEO has a story about just that. “There was a time when we noticed a vehicle that should be working only at night was moving in the middle of the day. We called our new employee, who didn’t have any idea about what’s going on. Naturally, we got scared and called the police, who chased the car around the city. The driver turned out to be the employee’s brother, who thought his sibling had bought a new car. He had excitedly grabbed the keys from the desk and set off for a test drive. Fortunately, it all ended up being just a misunderstanding!” Sundqvist recalls.

Mapon offers fleet management solutions that are useful for every industry, from deliveries to construction and others. To find out more about ways our team can help solve your business challenges, contact us!