Efficient fleet management is crucial in chemical transportation to ensure safe and cost-effective operations. Bulk Tainer Group has been in the field since 2009 and offers tailor-made product transportation services. It has 5 divisions: Bulk Tainer Logistics, Bulk Tainer Transport, Bulk Tainer Depot, Bulk Tainer Custom Brokers and Bulk Tainer Telematics.

Our cooperation with Bulk Tainer Transport España, a subdivision dedicated to tanker trucking (mainly for chemical product deliveries) began a year and a half ago. We invited Daniel Paradas, Business Development Manager of Bulk Tainer Iberia, to talk about his experience with the Mapon platform and company.

Choosing Mapon for fleet management

With a fleet of 13 trucks and 34 semi-trailers, they opted for Mapon services in search of a tool that would not only provide a simple vehicle geolocation service, but also let them: 

  • generate various reports from a driver’s app; 
  • thoroughly manage fleet fuel consumption;
  • keep track of various inspection expiration dates and licences,

among other things.

After a comparison with other solutions on the market, Mapon seemed to be the most suitable for our interests and the one that could add the most value to our daily workflow, as well as improve the currently used fleet management tools, 

explains Daniel.

Several white Bulk Tainer trucks without trailers parked outside.
Bulk Tainer Transport fleet in Spain

Various tools for fleet managers

When we asked which solutions the company uses the most and how they help in their daily work, Daniel explained that among the most useful tools for their daily work is the document management section and alerts, as well as forms generated from the Mapon GO app for drivers.

The ability for drivers to generate instant reports provides extra value to our clients since we can offer direct and documented information on the operations carried out for them.

A filled out form as seen on the Mapon platform, containing details such as driver's signature and completion status.
Forms can be easily filled out by drivers with the Mapon GO app

He also comments that nowadays, thanks to Mapon, paper forms are now filled out digitally via the employee app, which is a further advantage for the company.

Another useful solution is the service reminder, which allows alerts to be set up for all necessary vehicle maintenance services. And, as Daniel tells us, 

Given the huge amount of documentation and due dates that we need to keep up with, the ability to maintain a digital record of them has allowed us to minimise incidents in this area and enforce much stricter control.

Service reminders as seen on Mapon platform, featuring statuses like Overdue, Due soon, Completed and more.
Service reminders are very easy to use, and very effective

When asked if they have adopted new workflows, Daniel explains that, in general, the flows themselves have not changed. They have simply been digitised, which in turn improves their flexibility and efficiency. Moreover, fleet managers make use of Mapon’s maintenance cost control tool to get a more accurate picture of costs on an individual basis.

Future of the transportation sector

We also used the opportunity to ask Daniel about the future of the sector, who pointed out that the current economic situation shows a lot of uncertainty. His thoughts:

“Our business is closely linked to demand and consumption, so the outlook is not very encouraging. The possible pick-up in economic growth will depend to a large extent on the development of the war in Ukraine and the more recent conflict in the Middle East and its evolution. 

Society’s confidence in economic stability will to some degree influence its consumption patterns and thus the increase in output. Controlling the current trend of inflation will also determine the monetary policy decisions of central banks, which may slow down the recovery of consumption, production and import levels from China.

Basically, we expect a freeze or slowdown in investments and an acceleration of business concentration processes, as we have been observing in the last few months. This means a growth slowdown of companies in the sector and movements to strengthen their financial structure, pending the recovery of economic activity.”

Final thoughts

Lastly, we asked his opinion and evaluation of cooperation with Mapon, and Daniel explained that, among other aspects, he values the simplicity of our fleet management platform and recommends Mapon as a suitable solution for the needs of companies in his sector.

If you want to know more about the advantages of partnering with Mapon, as well as all the potential solutions and integrations at your disposal, please contact us to receive a free consultation and demonstration of our platform!